olly brunton former olympic snowboarder acupuncturist raglan acupuncture magazine editor kiteboarder waterman SUP surf king of all trades master of fun


I like to think I make an effort to explore the many facets of life, it's always nice to have friends to share the journey with, and supporters to help make dreams come true.

I am pretty fussy about my gear, 35 years of riding boards has tuned my awareness of whats going on underfoot into a precise yet ever evolving need for a quality performace ride. Good technique outweighs tools, yet good technique and quality tools ensures maximum fun from your sport. Have the right tools for the job!

Equipment I'm using: Ozone C4 & REO kites, AXIS Kapua surfboard, Limited twintips, Quiksilver wetsuits, Commencal Bikes, Kartel wheels & Electric eyewear.

Big thanks to the gang at Ozone kites, Adrian & Evan at Axis Kiteboards, TB & JTP at Raglan Kitesurfing and Zuza at Quiksilver New Zealand.

Special thanks as always to my wife for the unwavering daily support that moves with the tides, wind, and waves.

main photo: Steve McCormack